03_Courses taught at other institutions

Faculty of Design, Swinburne University of Technology, Melbourne, Australia


  • HDC001 20th Century Design. Hybrid course: Lecture and online tutorials. Team teaching.  Convenor: Denise Whitehouse
  • HDCOM321 Publication Design. Convenor. With John Bassani
  • HDCOM311 Communication Design Strategy. Team teaching. Convenor: Bridgette Engeler Newbury.
  • DCO20001 Brand and Identity Design. Team teaching. Convenor: Simone Taffe
  • DCO20004 Design Studio: Web Design.  Convenor

Master of Design

  • HDC671 Design Strategy for Global Context* (Hybrid course: Lecture & online)
  • HDC672 Brand Identity Design in a Multicultural Environment (team taught with Simone Taffe)
  • HDG531 Fundamental Design Studio (interactive design module; convenor Elizabeth Tunstall)

School of Arts and Sciences, States University of New York, Institute of Technology at Utica/Rome, New York

  • Level 3000: Field & Studio Video Production*; Principles of Design/Desktop Publishing; Communication Theory
  • Level 4000: Special Topics: Animation*; Advanced Digital Graphic Design*

 Department of Communication, Emerson College, Massachusetts, USA

  • Level 3000: Copy & Layout

Department of Communication Studies (Digital Graphic Communication option), School of Communication, Hong Kong Baptist University, Hong Kong

  • First year: Digital Typography*
  • Second year: Creative Digital Imaging*; Advertising Design & Visualization; Collaborative Computer & Information Management
  • Third year: Chinese Applied Arts and Graphics Workshop*; Digital Publishing & Prepress*; Digital Graphic Communication Honours Project

School of Design, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Hong Kong

  • First year: Communication & Meaning (design studies)
  • Second year: The Sense of Order (design studies)

 Department of Design, Lee Wai Lee Technical Institute, Hong Kong

  • Certificate Level: Information Design; Publication Design & Printing Production